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Project-based consulting allows you to bring one of our experts to your site to help new implementations or solve specific business problems. 

Focusing on specific industry sector requirements, Araucaria's project-based Consulting Services deliver the strategies and personnel that enable corporate leaders to build and deploy the most flexible, cost-effective technology solutions crucial to sustaining their competitive advantage in this increasingly complex marketplace.

Master Data Management:

MDM implementations are strategic in nature which requires a multi-year through roadmap. Due to its very fundamental nature, it experiences numerous challenges to sustain valuable till the end when the benefits are to be reaped at any enterprise. 

Araucaria enables enterprises to efficiently and cost-effectively manage MDM implementations from our pool of specialized resources  in the Data Management domains providing vast industry experience to make you succeed.  

Data Quality:

Enterprise Data Quality is an ongoing challenge and it requires continuous analysis as the new data keeps flowing in. In addition to that, Data Quality is also an integral part of MDM implementations which drives the de-duplication engine's output quality.

At Araucaria, our industry class consultants keep Data Quality as a key focal point in not just MDM implementations perspective but also as an ongoing Data Management practice.

Big Data:

Now that the landscape is shifting with Big Data solutions, enterprises are exploring Big Data Use Cases to tap into the potential of unaware and unseen data which has been in-house and never had as much value as now.

We offer this niche skilled resources to provide you a kick-start on exploring the potential from the terabytes or petabytes of  data which has been there, unexplored.